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Employees Occupational Health Examination
Author:admin  Release date:2016-1-27 14:36:04  Click:3134
Human Resource Department, Security Department and Production Department of Modern Heavy Industries organized an occupational health examination for first-line employees on January 6, 2016. This examination was fully supported by the chairman and general manager and the examination fee, more than 100,000, was paid by the company.
MHI HR Department selected Kunshan City Tianmei Health Management Physical Examination Co., Ltd. to be the examiner for our 2015 Occupational Health Examination by comparing the industry qualification, personnel professional title and ability and annual business evaluation result. 
The examiner carried out a careful health check in strict accordance with the routine examination of internal medicine, ENT and other 21 medical examination items for our employees.
This physical examination not only is a practical embodiment which proves our company conforms to OSHA system but also shows our company concerns of the physical and mental health and humanistic care of employees.


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